• Using the service AS-IS as described by terms.   
  • PRICELI API can be used for trial period of one (1) month, starting on account approval time.
  • Continues use of PRICELI API requires you select one of the following service plans - Mirror plan, Business plan or Student plan. Plans are describe below.
  • Fees DOES NOT entitle you with the right for getting free support.
  • No money back after payment.
  • By deciding to use PRICELI you should take into account service limitations.
  • Rhizome Networks LTD will continue to support, develop and improve the API based on demand for the service and based on tasks prioritization and R&D capacity of the company. 


Service Plans

1. MIRROR  PLAN:  Users can purchase a monthly subscription for getting a read-only mirror of Priceli generic data: stores,prices,promotions,

  • The fee mirror plan is 1000 NIS/Month.
  • This fee refer only to PRICELI raw data and does not include any indexing, views, procedures, cloud fees, domain fees, setup fees etc' which have to be take care and handled by service subscriber.  
  • No support will be added for other data sets such as code-by-name however subscribes can get the scripts and produce this table by themselves.
  • API for reading the data from the DB will be provided on a AS-IS basis in PHP format that can be installed by subscribers on the host.  
  • Technical and cloud details for location of host will be published soon.

2. The main API endpoint will no longer be free. Using the API endpoint assume moderate volume and is suitable for development and testing period of apps. 

  • FREE PLAN: Free trial will given for a limited time of 1 month. 
  • STUDENT PLAN: For students that develop apps for the purpose of school's project only: 150 NIS/Month + VAT  
  • BUSINESS PLAN: For business and other commercial uses: 350 NIS/month + VAT

4. SupportNeither of the plans include free support!

  • Support in the API will be limited to essential issues related with data collecting only, and will be given based on company discretion and company capacity.
  • The API can be used on AS-IS basis as it was until today. 

5. Services: The following can be purchased on a per/hour fee:

  • Advanced support.
  • Custom development of API operations.  (mirror plan)
  • Custom development of procedures for handling data. (mirror plan)
  • Setup of host, domain and API. (mirror plan)

6.  Custom made operations: A subscription (+setup fee) can be purchased for getting access to custom made data sets and api for business & student plans:

  • Custom made views with API access.
  • Custom made API reports and operations.
  • Custom made data sets given as file. 

7. Service Limitations

  • PRICELI takes its data from public ally exposed XML files (except for location data). Data is not verified against other resources.
  • PRICELI perform daily collection of Prices and Promotions.Depanding on server load this may change to One day Prices and one day Promotions.
  • PRICELI collection may fail for certain stores data for various reasons. For example lack of XML file or problem with connection. 
  • PRICELI store collection is handled from time to time to update stores data. It is currently not running automatically. 
  • PRICELI code by name approaches has its limitation in achieving precise result and may not be adequate for certain application.
  • Except for very specific cases there is no manual intervention in the data. Any claim about incorrect data must specify the chain_id, store_id and have the ability to show that public data provided by XML files shows something else. 
  • Data cleanup is handled from time to time that may affect applications for limited period. Data is filled automatically in the next collection cycle. Notification for cleanup is given by newsletter.  


  • Prices presented does not include VAT
  • Prices may change for various reasons. An advanced notification will be send. 
  • Make sure to train your spam filter not to block and  for you can get notifications
  • Read the service terms 



שרות פרייסלי מבצע איסוף של מידע על מחירים ומבצעים ממקורות מידע אשר פתוחים לציבור הרחב. המידע נאסף על בסיס יומי. איסוף המידע נתון למגבלות טכניות ותתכנה תקלות נקודתיות בפעולת האיסוף. 

יודגש כי על אף הנסיון לספק שרות פרודוקטיבי למפתחים, אין בשרות פרייסלי כל התחייבות לנכונות הנתונים בכל זמן נתון! 

כמו כן יודגש שהשרות כפי שהוא כיום אינו מבצע הצלבה של המידע מול מספר מקורות, אלא משתמש במקור יחיד כפי שזה מסופק לציבור הרחב באמצעות קבצים, ולכן יתנו הבדלים בין הנתונים המונגשים דרך השירות לבין נתונים אשר מוצגים במקומות אחרים.