Products By Name - חיפוש מחיר לפי שם מוצר

*** This operation is currently under construction

This operation combines text search on item_name together with filtering applied on the "sys_code" of a product item, according to limited set of stores retrieved either from location data, or by given filter items. The advantage of this operation is that it is running on the entire collection of products names therefore expected to provide a more data-loyalty result the code-by-name operation that uses only sample of data. In addition using the filtering on "sys_code" provide a better performance with comparing to products-fts operation. 




Request parameters: 

General arguments

  • Requiest "item_name" - some text to search for product names. 
  • Optional  "stores_filter" - can be used to limit the stores to search in. The value of each item for this filter is as follow: "[chain_id]|[store_id]". If provided the "include_store_data" is ignored.
  • Optional  "stores_limit" - limit the about of stores when using location based parameters. The syste default is 10 and the maximum is currently 20. The lower the number the better the performance. 

Location baes arguments

  • include_stores_data - set to true in order to filter by location.
  • latitude - latitude coordinates from geolocation system
  • longitude  - longitude  coordinates from geolocation system
  • distance - the distance from the provided location for which to include stores


Sample code: 

Sample URL