About Priceli

Priceli was created by Rhizome Networks LTD. Priceli platform was created in order to answer the very basic need of accessing the public prices data, published by supermarkets in accordance with Israli regulations, in an easy way so that applications that want to use this information can focus of application logic while leaving the task of data collection and aggregation to Priceli. 

Priceli is an automatic platform with the following features:

1. Collecting public information about prices and translate the XML files into data in a database that can be fetched with simple REST like API.

2. Priceli uses the aggregated data to generate analytical data that can be fetced by the API.

3. Priceli provide a special API for supermarkets to upload data directly into Priceli's database. 


Target Audience

Priceli's main audience are developers and service providers interesting in developing applications that uses the public data about prices in supermarket chains. In addition Priceli search portal can be used by end-users for performing simplified searches.  


How to Contact

You can contact by Email or use the contact form.